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Hello, we’re Startups.co.uk

…the UK’s leading independent, online resource for anyone starting and growing a business.

Established in 2000, we are the longest serving, largest and most comprehensive advice platform available covering everything you need to know to start, buy, run or sell a business.

Whether you’re looking for business inspiration to launch your own start-up, information on franchising and the options available, the latest insights into the Tech start-up scene or tips on how to manage a fast-growth company – we’ve got it covered.

In October 2013 we merged Growing Business into the Startups site, to make its respected videos and articles available to the Startups audience and to streamline our processes. So we now want to help even more people like you, whether you are thinking about starting up, recently started, or are focused on rapid growth for your business.

We are proud to support such a fantastic start-up and entrepreneurial community, serving over six million loyal readers a year and running some of the country’s top events for entrepreneurs, including the annual Startups Awards, Startups 100 and Young Guns. Through these events we want to help put new businesses on the map and celebrate extraordinary achievements.

We have a lively and active forum with 50,000 current members which we’d love you to get involved with and we also actively encourage feedback on our site content via our comments section.

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For news and PR enquiries contact Shane Donnelly on shaned@startups.co.uk.

For features, op-eds and byline suggestions contact Megan Dunsby on megand@startups.co.uk

For advertising enquiries contact Jon Seymour on jonathans@startups.co.uk

For marketing, partnerships, events, ecommerce and other media enquiries contact Jonny Young on jonathany@startups.co.uk

We regret that we are unable to offer individual business advice, but others can gladly help if you ask your question in our forum.

Meet the Startups team…



The big boss

CEO of Startups.co.uk, Titus Sharpe is also co-founder and CEO of one of the UK’s fastest growing tech firms; MVF. Having launched and scaled a successful start-up business, Sharpe knows the market inside out and is on a mission to take the Startups’ brand to new heights.

Titus Sharpe

Chief wordsmith

Editorial director Ian Wallis has been a business journalist for over 16 years and knows the start-ups and growing business space inside out.


 Ian resize for site

Content queen

Editor Lucy Wayment has worked in both print and digital and is passionate about all things content. She prides herself on promoting exciting start-up talent and is always open to interesting content or collaboration propositions.


 Lucy-website (1)

Features guru

Features editor Megan Dunsby lives and breathes start-ups and small business. Your go-to for blogs and features, Megan covers everything from the world of enterprise including funding advice to inspiring women in business.

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Literary legend

Startups.co.uk staff writer Shane Donnelly is skilled at making sure our readers are always abreast of the latest small business news. He should be your first point of contact for exciting and relevant press releases.

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Commercial creative

Looking after all of our partner content, Henry wastes no time in transforming our clients’ briefs into tantalising features. He’s your man for brand content that packs a punch.

Henry Williams Startups

Commercial creative

Working alongside Bryn, Jake is our newest content writer and (mostly) writes business guides and product reviews to help all types of small businesses.

Jake Wharmby Startups

Events oracle

With over 10 years’ industry experience, Elicia Nairn is our authority on all things events. From the Startups Awards to Young Guns, Startups’ events manager Elicia is a pro in creating and organising events that deliver results.

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Editorial and events aid

Julia Watts is our right-hand woman; assisting the team in creating great pieces of content, managing core profile Q&As, and making sure our events run smoothly.

 Julia Watts

Our sales captain

Jon Seymour would give Don Draper a run for his money when it comes to charm. Hardworking, problem solving and the relationship builder at Startups, Jon makes promises he keeps and covers all things sales.

 Jon resize for site

Networking ninja

An eternal networker, Babs manages all things partnerships. She is passionate about connecting people and probably spends more time out meeting people than in the office!

Babs Ofori-Acquah Startups

Sales superhero

Nick is our latest sales machine – and he’s hungry to build and develop new and existing client relationships.


Nick Brightman Startups

Marketing mogul

Jonny Young makes things happen.